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Handcrafted from recycled whiskey barrels, the Brewcapper™ is your new favorite bar tool. It makes a great gift for anyone that loves beer, soda, or anything else with a bottle cap! A sturdy oak handle and steel bolt make the Brewcapper nearly indestructible, yet still gentle enough on bottlecaps that they won't bend - which is perfect for bottle cap collectors!

MADE TO LAST - GUARANTEED! Handcrafted from recycled oak whiskey barrels, the Brewcapper simply will not break. It's highly durable and comfortable to hold - and will last a lot longer than that beer in your hand! It also comes with a leather hanging cord. If you ever have a problem with it just let us know and we'll replace it.

DOESN'T DENT BOTTLECAPS - Cap collectors rejoice - the Brewcapper removes beer and soda caps without denting them! 

A PERFECT GIFT FOR BEER LOVERS - This is often called a great men's gift, but we know plenty of women who like it too. It's a unique and useful tool for any bar, kitchen, bbq, tailgate, man cave, picnic, or beach.

SUPERIOR DESIGN - Simple yet comfortable, functional, and rustic in appearance. The Brewcapper is sure to be not only a great gift for the beer lover in your life (or yourself!) but also a conversation starter.

MADE IN THE USA - Crafted in small batches, we make every single opener from recycled whiskey barrels. Then, we print the "Drink Locally Think Globally" message on it and attach the sturdy leather strap. Support small business and American jobs!